Monday, April 28, 2014

And the Adventure Begins...well kinda...

So we met at the the Airport at 3:30pm this afternoon...only to discover that our flight to Chicago had been cancelled! It took awhile to figure out what was happening next so we spent a lot of time waiting...

We managed to get rebooked for tomorrow same time, but with a MUCH better arrive time. We were supposed to leave at 5:45pm on April 28th, but then had a 13 hour layover in São Paulo on April 29th, with an arrival in Fortaleza at around 2:15am in the morning on April 30th! Now we will be leaving Winnipeg at 5:45pm in April 29th and arrive in Fortaleza at 4:07pm on April 30th. No terrible layover. And really, for a 24 hour delay, we will only be arriving 13 hour later. Not too bad, and I think we will all be less tired!

Once our flights were re-booked, we then had to sort accommodation for tonight. We are SO grateful to the family and friends of Providence students for all their help and support. We managed to find housing for everyone who needed it...and now we are all spending one more night in Manitoba, except Stephani, who was on a different flight for VISA reasons. She will now arrive in Brazil a full day before the rest of us! Safe Travels Stephani! 

In fact, Darryl and David, who were originally leaving a day later than the main group (at noon on April 29th) will now arrive before us! (But only by a few hours!)

We will keep you all posted and we hope and pray that the flight leaves on time tomorrow.

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