Monday, April 28, 2014

Schedule in Brazil

Welcome to the Chamber Singers in Brazil Blog. I thought I would start by posting our schedule:

Wed, April 30 
Morning: Arrival
Afternoon/Evening: Relax/Orientation

Thurs, May 1 Morning/Afternoon: Beach Day
Evening: Local Church (choir & Cameron)

Fri, May 2 
Morning/Afternoon: Ministries Tour (choir)
Evening: Local Church (choir & Cameron)

Sat, May 3 
Morning: Relax Afternoon: Soccer Game
Evening: Potential ???local church??? TBD

Sun, May 4 
Morning/Afternoon: Tour/Relax
Evening: Iandê Shopping Mall (choir)

Mon, May 5 
Morning/Afternoon/Evening: City Tour Day

Tues, May 6
Morning: Profs @ Univ; Choir @ local school
Afternoon: NO REHEARSAL (more local schools)
Evening: Bible College (choir & Cameron)

Wed, May 7
Morning: Profs @ Univ; Choir @ local school
Afternoon: Rehearsal @ Univ
Evening: Relax

Thurs, May 8
Morning: Recitals @ Univ.
Afternoon: Men & Women @ Prisons
Evening: Rehearsal @ Univ

Fri, May 9
Morning: Relax/Tour
Afternoon: Final Rehearsals
Evening: Watch Local Music Show

Sat, May 10
Morning/Afternoon: Beach/Relax
Evening: Perform. w/ Univ. @ Opera House

Sun, May 11
Morning: Cathedral (choir)
Afternoon: Visit community near church
Evening: Church (choir, cello/piano, ?Cam?)

Mon, May 12
Morning: Relax
Afternoon: Departure

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