Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brazil Tour...Take 2!

So the main group returned to the airport on Tuesday April 29th...and our flight was 1.5 hours late...
But the flight wasn't cancelled, so we went through security and waited... Hoping and praying for the best.

As we were sitting at the gate, it looked like we were pushing 2 hours we were starting to think that we were going to be staying in a Hotel in Chicago.

But suddenly the flight arrived. The United staff then had the flight deplaned and then boarded in 20 minutes! We were all amazed... and all they knew that we had to catch our Brazil flight.

We found out as we were pulling into Chicago, that gates had been changed so that our incoming flight from Winnipeg parked at the gate BESIDE the outgoing flight to São Paulo, Brazil! So we had a 30 second walk from one to the other...meaning that we boarded the plane instantly and the United staff were waiting for us! Amazing.

And on top of all that, on this plane we met up with faculty members Darryl and David who had missed another flight earlier in the day!

At 10am local time, we landed in Sãu Paulo, Brazil. And a few hours after that we were on our way to Fortaleza.

Here we are on a bus to our Gate in São Paulo:

Boarding the plane to Fortaleza (courtesy of Cameron):

We landed in Fortaleza and Karl and a Bus was waiting for us. Here are a few quick images of Fortaleza...from the bus, as we were travelling to the retreat centre:

And Finally, getting used the our wonderful retreat centre:

We are doing well! Tired and looking forward to a beach day tomorrow, then concert in the evening! More to follow...Niklaas is going to post more about first impressions of Brazil...

Until next time...

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