Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Leisurely Saturday

After a long week of travel, performance, and cultural experiences, today was a well-needed day of rest and relaxation. We kicked off the day with a late brunch and a crash course (David called it a “rehearsal”) in Mozart’s Missa Brevis under the palm trees beside the pool. Though the acoustics of the open compound (and the groaning growls of the generator in the background) may have left something to be desired, the atmosphere certainly didn’t!

The afternoon was spent in one of the most wide-spread Brazilian obsessive pastimes: soccer! We hopped in the bus and headed to a recently completed FIFA stadium... watch a professional soccer game between the state team of Ceará and their rivals, Náutico. Jerseys were purchased, photos were taken, we were surrounded by a hysterically screaming mob of Ceara fans, and the home team came from behind in the final five minutes to secure a hard-fought tie game. 

Supper was yet another unique experience at a Brazilian burger joint called Juliana. 

They specialize in a frozen açai berry dessert that was served with banana slices, powdered milk, and homemade granola. Basically, it was ice cream served as a meal! 

There were also burgers in your choice of hamburger bun or pita bread, with toppings ranging from bacon to sausage to fried eggs!

All “fed up” and sleepy once again, we headed back to the compound for some devotional time. Today’s word for reflection was harmony, and it was fun to hear all the members of the choir explaining how they view harmony in their lives and particularly in  their relationships with God. We wrapped up the day with a prayer and song activity called a Complin, popular within the Anglican and Catholic church traditions. 

Secretly (or blatantly) gleeful at the thought of snow in our northern homes, we headed to bed after yet another successful day in South America. 

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