Saturday, May 10, 2014

Banana Pizza... 'nuff said

[Just, you know, in case you're curious, I am writing this now--as opposed to last night--because last night I had the mental capacities of a very tired person.]

So the morning was beautiful--mostly because we got to sleep in, with breakfast only being at 9. For me, however, it was one of those mornings where you wake up a bit earlier than planned, but not early enough as to merit going back to bed. So, I arose and watched some professional League of Legends matches. (The All-Stars are happening right now in Paris, France. The game between Fnatic and Taipei Assassins was particularly tense. Though I suppose none of this is relevant.)

The action for the day picked up around 2... kind of. At least, our rehearsal with the University orchestra was supposed to start at 2. In true Brazilian time, it began at 3:45. Once that was finished, we went to the beach marketplace once again so people could finish their shopping. I, being already finished, was able to sit and read my book (I am just now discovering the joys of Terry Pratchett) and listen to Professor Karen Sunabacka play her cello. It was terribly cute to watch a small girl in a purple dress slow down and stare at Karen as she passed, though eventually she hurried to catch up with her mother.

After this, though, came the highlight of my day (and something I have been looking forward to all trip): the pizza place. More specifically, the all-you-can-eat-and-drink pizza place. The servers came around with various pizzas and asked us if we wanted a slice.  And these were not just your typical cheese, Hawaiian, pepperoni, etc. There was corn, chicken, beef, shrimp... oh, and the dessert pizzas. You know, the usual: chocolate, caramel, guava, and banana. Oh, the banana! I mean, really, if you haven't tasted banana pizza, you haven't... tasted banana pizza, I guess. But you should, you really should. Especially with cinnamon on top.

Here's proof of how many slices were eaten between myself, Ben, Jon and Stephan:

Though admittedly, only six of those were mine

After that, we headed back to get some rest for tomorrow's (well, I guess today's) big concert. And to think, we've only got a couple of days left. I wonder if I'm going to miss the cold showers...

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