Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Making Friends

There is really only one thing we did today: singing. All day long. Over and over. We left early in the morning (who needs sleep anyway?) for a grade school. There, we were the stars of the show for their chapels, and we received a very warm welcome.

First, we had Grades 1-5, and they were quite loud and happy and we all smiled a lot. We each introduced ourselves and what we were studying. When I said I was studying Media with a focus in video games, they all cheered really loud for some reason. Come to think of it, so did both the other age groups... They also loved it when Roberto (our translator) introduced Vaughn as Bon Jovi. And Harley as a surfer.

This same process was repeated for the junior highers and high schoolers as well. We introduced ourselves, sang a few songs, and had a couple of us share testimonies. Between the older two age groups, though, the students had recess, so we joined them. At first the language barrier was a little awkward, but a picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

In that case, I guess, we could have written a short novel. Tons of the students (girls especially) wanted pictured with each of us, and many also wanted us to sign their notebooks. A few of the guys played basketball with some of the older students, and Jon, Harley and I played a bit of table tennis (I got beaten pretty bad and decided to just watch after that).

We got back to our "home" in time for lunch, then spent a bit of time relaxing before launching into a Missa Brevis rehearsal (I must say, we are actually getting pretty good at it). After a snack/supper, we headed out to a Bible College, where we sang a few more songs. Harley got to conduct one of his compositions, and Margaret conducted a song as well. Honestly, we have such talented people in this choir. Professor Cameron also gave a lecture/message on the Old Testament in contemporary society, which was as thought-provoking and enjoyable as ever.

Now everyone else is in bed, and I shall be in a minute as well. Tomorrow is another early morning and a day at the University. Professor Karen was already there all of today doing Master classes, which went very well.

In other news, here's a video of the goal that tied it up in the soccer game we went to a few days ago:
Now, what would have made for a great video was this one guy who I'm pretty sure would have punched someone in the face if they had been close enough whenever the home team made a mistake. Wow, he was emotionally involved. Pretty entertaining. But anyway, I digress. My bed calls. Good night.

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