Thursday, May 8, 2014


I'm just throwing in my two cents here regarding our (the guys') trip to the centre for juvenile delinquents. We got a tour of their compound, which was very beautiful, and were told how the centre worked. It was for teenage guys who have committed small crimes (at worst, attempted murder, but mostly thievery or drug dealing). While here, they receive education (at their actual level, not their age level). They are also accommodated in buildings made to look as much like houses as possible. They also receive training in art, practical crafts, and information technologies, so that they can be productive once they leave the centre. Their artwork is then sold, and half of the money goes to the boy's family. During the tour we got to meet some of the guys, and a few of them asked if we were from another world (I'm guessing it's the blonde hair).

After the tour we all gathered in their "chapel" (it is government run, so not officially a religious place, though the church is heavily involved). We sang a few songs, and Jon and I shared parts of our testimonies (which somehow both had to do with learning to accept God's love). After they asked a few questions (about Canada and Brazil and music) and we sang another song, they invited us to eat "lunch" with them, which was a sandwich and some delicious drink that we failed to get the name of. Finally, a little later than we had planned, we bid them adieu and went to join the other half of our choir. But hey, it's Brazil, so we run on Brazil time.

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